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Flora In Pench


Pench Tiger Reserve is declared as the dry deciduous forest.which also includes the fruit trees, medicinal trees and plants. Pench Tiger reserve touches the boundary of Satpura region. Visitors generally visit the forest for wildlife and Jungle Safari in Pench. The awareness on the availability of variety of different plants and trees is missing. The usage of these herbs is beyond imagination of an individual. Whenever you plan for Jungle safari or game drive in Pench, come prepared with a diary and time to experience and make it a knowledgeable tour to Pench Tiger Reserve along with an adventure of Jungle Safari.


The meandering trails take you to a delightful dead end of the Pench River with toothed rocks and trees that look straight out of a painting. During summer, bushes with pristine white flowers surrounding the river bank, are a feast for the eyes.

The Pench National park is the home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is dominated by mixed forests with considerable shrub cover and open grassy patches.

Village Machaan resort has varieties of herbs, plants and trees available in its premises which are used for medicines. During your visit you may have a knowledgeable round of resort and gain information on all of these. We Village Machaan resort in Pench will be updating on the information about trees, plants and their importance.

Herbs – You will be surprised to know that the local villagers most of the time prefer to heal them selves with these herbs for their illness. Nowadays people are switching from allopathic medicine to Ayurveda. Good Percentage of Medicinal plants are available in the beautiful forest of Pench like curcumina, sarpgandha, aswagandha, satavar and many more. The benefits of few of them are briefed below.

Famous Trees of Pench National Park

Mahua Tree – (The Madhuca Indica) The very famous local tree and has quiet a lot of health benefits like curing piles, diabetes, asthama, blood diseases and many more. Oil is extracted from the seeds and is used by the tribes for cooking. Mahua flower is famous and is used to prepare a very famous liquor. Mahua flower is favorite food of Langur, parakeet, deer pegion.


Palash Tree – This is commonly known as flame of forest and is a medium sized flowering tree. In the olden days its flowers were used for making colors for Holi festival. You often get to see this during your trip to Pench National park.

Teak tree – Teak tree help conserving a rich and diverse array of wildlife in Pench National Park, Teak has a weather proof quality and lasts in any climate. Teak is used for making furniture and is an expensive wood.

The Neem tree – Neem is a life-giving tree. It is one of the very few shade-giving trees and has draught resistance. Neem seed pulp is used for methane gas production. Its wood is used to make the furniture.

Shrubs – Shrubs are not tall by nature. The Ground is covered with bushes, grasses, herbs and shrubs. The rolling meadows of grass and grassy plateau are vital to the wellbeing of the herbivore population. Pench forest also has the thick Lantana which is known to be the place for Tiger. King of Pench seems to be comfortable under lantana in Pench. There are plants which are less than 1 feet are considered to be ground zone plants, Fungi, Mushroom, Algae, Lichen. Village Machaan Resort in Pench has “Super deluxe glass cottages with private lawn and private Machaan”, to provide the best accommodation in Pench.Many more trees and plants can be witnessed during your trip to Pench National park. The Pench Jungle safari and nature walk in Pench in an experience of lifetime.

FAUNA In Pench

Fauna of Pench National Park
Discover Central Indian wildlife at Pench Tiger reserve.Uncover carnivores and herbivores
mammals, vultures and many more bird species of Pench national park while on the Pench jungle
safari trip. Pench National park in Madhya Pradesh is one of the favorite destinations for wildlife
enthusiasts and is paradise for Bird watchers. Pench Tiger reserve is rich in bio diversity and is home to
various species of Mammals, reptiles, butterflies and aquatic fauna.

Pench national park is recognized for the King “Royal Bengal Tiger” and also hosts huge population of
Leopard in the forest. The other inhabitants of Pench national park are Indian wild dog, jungle cat, wild
boar, chital, jackal, hyena, and wolf, Deer, Chinkara, rhesus macaque, langur, gaur, sambar, and bison can
also be seen in herds in the forest. Sloth Bear, Chousingha, Barking Deer, Fox, Palm Civet, Small Indian
Civet, Jungle Cat, Hyena, Porcupine etc. also dwell in the popular Pench Tiger Reserve.


The fauna of
Pench can be treasured only by Jungle safari tour to Pench Tiger reserve.
Pench National park is home to not only the magnificent wildlife but is also the abode of the stunning
colorful winged visitors which makes Pench as an admirable reserve for avifaunal species. Pench allures
various migratory bird species during winter season. More than 450 species of birds have been identified
in the glorious Pench National park. This is one of the most preferred and visited park by bird watchers
and is said to be the paradise for them. The most commonly seen birds in Pench are Crow Pheasant,
Peafowl, Pintail, Lesser Whistling Teal, Indian Roller, Wagtail, Munia, Waterfowl, Blue Kingfisher,
Crimson-Breasted Barbet, Red-Vented Bulbul, vultures, magpie robin, wagtail, myna, and minivet and
many more residential and migratory birds are found here. Seeing the colorful various species of birds in
Pench is a delight to the visitor.


The picturesque forest and wilderness can be admired during the open jeep Jungle safari in Pench Tiger
reserve. Wildlife enthusiasts must plan the Touria gate PenchJungle safari to experience the
panoramic exquisiteness of the pristine Pench forest, which is a home ground to diverse wildlife genera
that co-exist in their natural habitat in the beautiful Pench reserve.
VILLAGE MACHAAN “awaits your esteemed presence and discover Pench National Park.