International Forest Day

On March 15th, 2015

Every year, 21st March is globally recognized as Forestry day. All citizens, young and old must pledge to make this day and every other day, a dedication and sincere effort for preservation of our forests and trees.

Conservation of forests and jungles maintain a balance of our ecosystem. Birds, insects and butterflies and every known wild animal is a beneficiary of the forests. Deforestation is a global menace which is costing mankind dearly and driving animals and birds to extinction.

Forests and trees are a wonderful source of medicines, herbs, flowers and timber. Large trees also benefit weary travellers by providing shaded canopies to rest under.

All national parks and in turn all resorts in Pench should make a concerted effort to plant as many trees and saplings on a regular basis.

V-Village Resorts Pench is proud to inform its guests that it has planted thousands of trees and shrubs on its premises and is a continual ongoing process.

Let all citizens and travellers join hands in the preservation and conservation of our forests and jungles, to enjoy God�s unlimited bounty.