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Outdoor Activities


Outdoor recreation or outdoor activity is leisure pursuits engaged in the outdoors, often in natural or semi-natural settings. Outdoor recreation may also be pursued for the purpose of relaxation and finding peace in the LAP of Nature.Village Machaan promises you unforgettable moments and the environment, which suits these activities at Pench National Park.Get everyone out of the Cottages for some fun activities. Nature lovers will enjoy the exotic animals at Pench National park in Open jeep Safari’s. Want something more active? Get some fresh air and stretch your legs with an invigorating Walk in Adjoining Forest of the Resort, and explore the land of Mowgli. Or why not take a round of Kohka Lake to enjoy the beautiful view of sun set. The outdoors can be an environment in which people “show what they can do”.

Pleasurable appreciation encourages experiences of being “let in on nature’s show”.


Your adventure our expertise

Open Jeep Jungle Safari

Reveal yourself to the Jungle. Four wheel drive jeeps that are best suited for the rugged terrain of the pench. The abundant air borne species, the Mysterious Wild. Let us take you for a Jungle Safari and sight some famous and rare breeds of the animals and birds. To enhance this unique experience visit VVillage Machaan Resort in Pench National Park.

Bird Watching

Grab your Binoculars for a Birdwatching session and more than 100 species of birds are spotted. Our tours will appeal to the serious bird watches as well as to the beginner or intermediate bird watcher & some are suitable for non birding spouse. A spectacular variety of birds endangered and migrated are exclusively spotted in the Jungle.

Night Drive & Night Safari

Join us for a Nocturnal Drive to experience night sightings of wild animals in the Buffer zone in their natural element gives you an exciting experience.


Nature Walk /Pottery Workshop/Bungee Trampoline

Tie your shoe laces for a thrilling Jungle trek and catch some wildlife with surprise.
Explore your creative side. Making Khullars and Matka’s at Potters Village Pajhdhar. It is an intrinsic part of the socio-cultural landscape and hence, offers an insightful peek into life, as it exists in Pench.
Get ready to enjoy the thrill of jumping (14 Feet Trampoline with safety net).


Experience Meditation in serene environments of the Jungle which will Rejuvenates the Mind and Body both.

  • Candle Light Dinner : Candle Light dinner at the place of your choice.