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Safari Calendar

Safari Calendar

Pench Tiger reserve is an ever-changing landscape that can be enjoyed year round. Browse through our calendar to find the best time to go on safari and pursue your personal interests. Whether looking for the ultimate bird watching season, or hoping to catch a glimpse of the iconic – THE KING, looking for wolves and the Night expedition during the Jungle safaris. Village Machaan is always sure to inspire and offer the best to you.


  • January is the middle of the winter season with spectacular sunny afternoon
  • Peak breeding time for many colourful migrant bird species
  • Excellent wildflowers and brilliant green foliage abound
  • Constant sounds day and night from insects and birds
  • Breeding time for Sambar deer, blue bull, Jackals, and wild dogs
  • Nesting and breeding time for few Migratory and residential birds
  • Lot of bird activities can be experienced on fruit trees
  • Mating month for Tigers and leopards
  • Good sightings of Tigers, wild dogs and Jungle cat is noticed during this month.


The first sign of changing season begins as the temperature changes from middle of February month in Pench. This month is the end of winter and start of summer. Cooler morning temperatures with relatively hot afternoons and pleasant evening.

  • February is all about co-habitation between jungle plants and the animals present in jungle.
  • Bushes starts drying and so the chances of Sighting of wild increases, Ideal month for photography in Pench.
  • Mahua tree is flowering, and home to many birds and herbivores. Langurs, pegions, parakeets, deer, jackals, gaur are easily seen around this tree and the mahua flower is liked by them.
  • Water lilies are at flowering peak in Khursapar zone.
  • This is the gestation periods for deer. The fawns are young and are easily available pray for jackal.
  • Pench has a good population of Indian Golden Jackals.
  • Beautiful butterflies are majorly seen in bhuradait nala ( Sitaghat) in Turia zone in Pench, MP. They can be noticed having Sun Bath. The dirty little secret of butterfly is Mud Puddling.
  • Maximum animals are sighted with the kill during the jungle safari in Pench. Morning jungle safaris are recommended in this month.


March is the month of colors, the very famous festival holi falls in this month.

  • The forest color seems different, as the grass is dry by this time and trees start shedding their leaves.
  • Best month for Jungle safari as the weather is neither cold nor hot.
  • The Palas flowers blossom during this month and is the state flower of Madhya Pradesh and also known as “ Flame of forest”. Flower attract lot of bird activities around the tree.
  • March is the nesting time for Indian roller, green pigeon, dove starling, barvet and many more.
  • Jackals can be easily witnessed during the Jungle safari in Pench killing deer fawns, which is an easily available prey for Jackals.
  • Pench National park is closed on the day of Rangpanchmi.
  • Pench forest is less crowded being the month of exams and recommended month to capture the beauty of Pench forest.
  • Preparation for summers in the Jungle for wildlife begins. Artificial water bodies are created in different areas.


This is the time to shot the magnificence of glory of Pench Tiger reserve. The forest is ready to get captured in numerous lenses. It is recommended to book jungle safari in pench national park well in advance as the summer vacation s starts by this time and the availability of the safari in the right zone may be a concern

  • In the Pench forest as the water starts drying on the bank of the rivers, the plants starts growing which increases the scintillating natural beauty of the Pench national park.
  • The herd size of deer starts decreasing due to availability of grass in the Jungle, and are found close to water bodies.
  • During the jungle safari you will also notice Herbivores licking the salt present in the soil near the water hole.
  • Osprey and Bonellis Eagle migrates from Europe and are seen till the month of June in Pench
  • Egyptian vulture can be seen in this month.
  • The unique bird of the world “The Indian Pitta” (Nauranga) migrates from north India and is easily seen in Pench forest. This invites the birders to visit the shades of Pench national park in the month of April.


  • The peak of summer and the best of sightings. The greatest chances of wildlife sighting in Pench and the waiting time to meet the Iconic King Tiger reduces and this is the time when your luck should favor you during the safaris.
  • Kusum Tree is a beautiful multi shaded tree is an attraction in Pench national park. The uniqueness of tree is that it provides shelter in summer and does not shed leaves unlike other.
  • May is the best month to witness the striking beauty of Black capped kingfisher, lesser adjutant, Common emerald dove, comb duck, orange-breasted green pigeon, and greater painted snipe
  • Mahua “The Tribal tree of India” and famous tree of Pench. The Mahua bloom at night and falls before sunrise. Mahua flower is good diet for many birds and animals.
  • Significant increase is noticed in the availability of the prey species near water holes and Pench river.
  • The predators also prefer to be around the water holes and this is how the ecological balanced is maintained.


June accompanies intermittent rainfall and warm sunlit days. Unknown to many, the forests and jungle of Pench Tiger Reserve are home to several exotic flora and fauna.

  • For safari lovers the last month of the season to witness the changes in the forest
  • Rainfall starts in the middle of the month and distinctive scent refreshes the mind and soul. People in the cities miss this aroma which can only be felt during the visit to Pench Jungle.
  • Water bodies awaits the rain and wildlife ready to welcome the monsoon.
  • During monsoon some measures are taken by forest department. Part of the grown grass is fenced to be made available for herbivore in the month of December.
  • This is the season for common fruit trees like Black plum, golden apple, Mimosa, Benth, arjun, siris and this is the treat to birds and animals.
  • The vibrant colors and magnificent tail of the bird of Nation appeals the eyes . Mating call by peacock to attract the Peahen is done, he dances and spread iridescent beautiful blue feathers.
  • Exceptionally beautiful time to appreciate the activities in the Jungle is to plan a visit to Pench National Park after first rain.


29TH July is known to be “International Tiger Day” an annual celebration. The awareness on Tiger conservation is created on this occasion.According to the global Tiger initiatives, Tigers are indicators of the ecological wellness of planet earth. Being the dominant predator of eco system, they ensure that the number of herbivores like deer is kept balanced.

  • This is the time when the deer family shed their antlers in Pench National Park
  • “Indian Wild Dog” is seen in packs and a territorial animal. 52 is the size of pack recorded and sighted by naturalists. This is known as the best hunter of the jungle.
  • Even the king Tiger ensure to stay away from the big pack of wild dogs during this month.
  • In the month of July three park entries of Madhya Pradesh are close from 1st July to 30th Sep.
  • One entry gate in Madhya Pradesh and two entry gates in Maharashtra are open in this month for Jungle Safari.
  • The beautiful landscape lush greenery rejuvenates the minds and the beauty of national park pleases the eyes of tourist.


To hear and see the sounds and sights of the Jungle surrounded by rain drenched leaves and trees with the chirping of Birds and call of the Wild.

  • This is the monsoon month and the average rainfall is approximately 1300 mm.
  • The entry gates Turia, Karmazhiri and Jamtara are closed due to rains in Madhya Pradesh.
  • .
  • Katydid can be heard in this month and is singing insect, green in color and camouflage and makes continuous noise.
  • Joint wood spider connects its web from one tree to another through air. The life span of this is between 3 to 4 months.
  • Amphibians and reptiles are active and are easily seen during august in Pench Tiger Reserve.
  • Male peacocks tend to shed their glorious feathers every year and regrow. August and September the peacocks start shedding their feathers. This process is called molting.
  • Plan the visit to Pench Tiger Reserve to enjoy the beauty and solitude and be one with nature in August.


Sillari, Khursapar and Wolf sanctuaries are the zones open for Jungle Safari during rainy season. Sightings improve by the month of September. Wolf sanctuary is the only park entry zone where night safaris are officially allowed in Pench National Park. This is famous for sightings of nocturnal species especially wolves and Night jar. Excellent wildflowers and brilliant green foliage abound can be experienced in Pench Tiger Reserve. Constant sounds day and night from insects and birds transports you to different world altogether. The bush becomes denser providing more hiding places from which predators can stalk their prey. The king of nest building Birds Baya weaver are found across this region. They are best known for their hanging retort shaped nests woven from leaves. This is the breeding season for Baya weaver in Pench and male attracts the female with his melodious sound.
During July to September herbivores have ample variety of grass available all over for them.


  • Opening up of all the park entry gates and routes in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra Pench is a joy for wildlife lovers.
  • There is another fact about Deer family that they tend to shed and re-grow their antelope and which has velvet layer and makes them look very beautiful.
  • To see the activities of migratory birds like Black redstart, blue rock thrush, blue fly catcher, Black wing stint October in Pench is considered to be the good month.
  • The feathers of national bird Peacock starts re-growing by this month and they can be seen relatively high during your safari in Pench.
  • New Tigers and Tigresses are traced, the changes in their territory are noticed and updated in the records of forest department
  • The scenic wild aura can be enjoyed during the Jungle safari in Pench Tiger reserve.


  • November to February is considered to be an ideal time to visit Pench National park. This is the best time to experience the scenic beauty and landscape of Pench Tiger reserve.
  • The weather changes in November and the temperature is generally between 29 degrees to 38 degrees.
  • Due to dew drops and grass Tiger prefers to walk on roads and hence the chances of sightings increases during morning hours of the day.
  • Water level starts dropping down and the wild boar gets active during this time. They start digging the soil to eat earth worms, roots of grass, amaltas and many more Alikatta and Mahadev ghat, sapat well point are the hot places in Turia zone and famous for maximum sightings of the wild.
  • Another attraction of Pench National Park is Ghost tree, locally known as kullu tree starts changing its color between October to November.
  • Due to the dense forest the alarm calls are comparatively low, hunting becomes easy for predators, they hide them selves in the long grass.


  • This is the month when sightings gradually increases and visitors enjoy the freezing moments of nature during safari.
  • Temperature in December varies from 11 degrees to 31 degrees in Pench National Park.
  • This has been a good month for the sightings of Sloth Beer in early hours of the day and they are known for their activities at night. December and January month are the breeding time for sloth beer.
  • December is also the breeding time for Indian Bison or Gaur. They are known to be tallest species amongst the wild cattle family in India.
  • Every year the small fair is organized in the middle of the month, which is known as Madai (fair festival), where the local items are purchased and sold.