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Specially abled cottage


There are people, who do not have a perfect physique and have some problems. Everyone is equipped with a unique quality, a feature that differentiates it from the rest of the world. But they face lot of struggle on day to day routine life. When it comes to travelling with family accessibility is a huge issue.
We at Village Machaan encourages people with disabilities and believe that if they will be seen around more travelling independently , it may create awareness in society. Instead of staying inside, they should come out in the open and be seen in malls, stadiums, etc., and travel like everyone else. All that is required is will power and determination. Village Machaan resort in Pench is an Organization, that people with disabilities can trust and believe in for all their accessible and recreational needs in the resort in Pench National park. Staff is equipped to host the specially abled persons. We put in lot of effort to make the stay of differently abled people as comfortable as possible in this resort in Pench.

Medical concerns to be taken care by the traveller

Travel can be tiring, particularly for those who suffer from a physical or medical disability. Before travelling, consult your doctor and ask what (if any) precautions need to be taken. It is advised that you carry prescribed medication along with you – take your prescription in case you need medicines during your travel.
When you think of the national parks, you typically envision hiking through the woods, laughing around a campfire, swimming in a pool, and other iconic activities. But for those who are disabled, Village Machaan takes the responsibility of taking you for the Jungle safaris in open jeeps with an escort.
But having a disability is nothing to hold you back from enjoying the Jungle safari in Pench national park. Village Machaan offers the special cottage to stay and the activities to enjoy. We ensue to offer the bother free adventure experience of Jungle safari and make your trip more enjoyable. Village Machaan resort wishes to give reason to differently abled to smile and enjoy life unlike others.

Facilities for specially abled persons in the resort are as follows

We believe in sharing quality organic products that you can enjoy with confidence.

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LCD’s with multilingual channels

Purified drinking water

Two cottages are specially designed for differently abled persons.

No stair case and bath tubs in the cottages.

Entire Resort is wheel chair accessible.

Ramps are connecting from the restaurant, recreation and conference hall.

Swimming pool is also differently abled friendly.

Special needs and considerations are taken care.

Resort is more accessible and approachable for every one.

Dedicated staff will be provided to assist during the trip.

Better transport facilities from Nagpur.

Doctor on call and ambulance available.

Potters village tour and other activities can be arranged

Resort is more accessible and approachable for every one.

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