Jungle Safari in Pench: An ultimate vacation for the festive season

On April 10th, 2020

Encapsulated in the midst of the widespread green zone at Pench National Park, Village Machaan is the sumptuous retreat offering an eco-living facility for the visitors. It is located near the Turia Core Zone and at the centre of the wilderness. It holds an eminent feel of natural living wrapped with modern luxuries amongst the Pench National Park resorts. The whole hotel is adorned with contemporary facilities that has its very own appeal.

Here are top 7 reasons why Village Machaan offers the best stay at Pench:
1. Elegance: Village Machaan is one of the best properties in Pench, known for housing charming environment and opulent facilities. There are three types of comfy accommodations available in Village Machaan Pench. The Individual Glass Cottages, Specially abled Cottages and Honeymoon Exotic Cottages are the key variants which are best places to stay in Pench National park. The rooms are exquisite with rich interiors. The luxury offered at Village Machaan is almost equivalent to 3 star hotels in Pench.
2. Well-planned: It is one of the special Pench wildlife resorts that offers exclusive accommodation, and takes care of about the requisites of guest from all age group. It is also thoughtfully planned for the guests who has challenged physical abilities. The entire property premise is made easily accessible for differently abled people, so that they can explore the wondrous beauty of the wilderness.
3. Eco-friendly: Village Machaan is an eco-friendly resort, who are active in wildlife conservation. The most stunning amongst, Pench Tiger Reserve hotels where the guests feel to be the part of rustic natural surroundings and get accustomed to the wildlife species o,f Pench at V Village Machaan Resort.
4. Exclusivity: These rich villas offer a 360-degree view of the majestic wilderness of Pench. The extravagant interiors, sumptuous style and ultra-amenities are really staggering. The exclusive "Machaan" or the ‘tree house platform’ and ‘individual gardens’ of every cottage is the prime attraction as it gives a visual treat to appreciate beautiful green zone within or beyond the premise.
5. Amenities and facilities: Being one of the great wildlife lodges in Pench, the retreat is adorned with a wide range of ultramodern amenities which never lets the guest feel worn- out. Being one of the Pench resorts, the hotel organizes enthralling activities so the guests can spend quality time every moment. From spending quality time with family till corporate excursions, Village Machaan arranges it all and thus they can arrange romantic candle light dinner by the pool or on the machaan underneath the twinkling stars in the sky. They can also arrange corporate CSR meets on the other hand.
6. Amenities: Swimming Pool, Wellness Centre, Indoor Games, Library, Mini Theatre, Outdoor Games, Picnic, Conference Facility, etc….
7. Activities: Pench Wildlife Tour, Nature Walk, Bird Watching, Pottery Workshop, Archery Target Shooting, Karaoke, Tribal Village Walk, Bonfire, Cycling, Night Safari in Pench National Park etc.

Village Machaan is one of the outstanding suites in Pench National Park and is one of the best hotels in Madhya Pradesh Pench. In association with resort management and marketing services company- Nature’s Sprout, the accommodations are lavish, activities are exciting, amenities are superb and facilities are premium.
Book a stay at Village Machaan, rejoice each minute with mindful collection of thrilling memories wrapped with ultimate luxuries!

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