Vegetarian & Non - Vegetarian Resorts at Pench National Park

On March 1st, 2014

PALMS – Vegetarian Food served @ Village Machaan Pench National Park

After considering the necessity of Vegetarian and Jain food. Problem that Jain children and youth face during travelling; the first common question is vegetarian diet. Jain vegetarian diet

The Jain cuisine is completely vegetarian and also excludes onions and garlic, similar to the shojin-ryori Buddhist cuisine of Japan. ; it may additionally exclude potatoes and other root vegetables.

People who are only vegetarian and wish to remain vegetarian, we as a wild life Destination Village Machaan (Division of VVillage Resorts) in Pench National Park are conscious about it and are equipped to serve Jain, Gujarati and vegetarian food.

Multi-cuisine food is offered at Palms Restaurant by our smiling staff.

We have a separate Tandoor for vegetarians and Non - Vegetarians. For out-door we organize a live barbecue to go with bonfire exclusively for vegetarian guests/ groups.

We serve quality vegetarian & Non- vegetarian food at our restaurant "Palms" which is freshly cooked keeping nourishment in mind.

It would be our pleasure to host you as our Guest.

A small Brief about the place:

1. Luxurious air-conditioned glass cottages with Machaan (Gazebo’s) and personal lawns

2. Located in the middle of the forest with a Natural stream as the backdrop.

3. Tiger Jungle Safari / Night Safari

4. Gallery and Machaan sit-outs

5. LCD, DVD Players, intercom, Tea & coffee makers

6. Modern luxurious in-suite bathrooms

7. Multi-cuisine Palms Restaurant

8. Manicured lush green lawns & gardens with an aerial view from the Machaan.

9. In-house Naturalist - Bird watching and Nature walk

10. Bird watchers delight

11. Butterfly haven

12. Wireless internet facility

13. Indoor & outdoor recreation facility

14. Trampoline & Dip pool for kids

15. Conferencing

16. Pet friendly

17. Wheel chair access

18. Live Music, Barbecue, Bonfire

19. Candle light dinner at Machaan

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