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On July 2nd, 2013


The terrain of the park is undulating with mainly gentle slopes criss-crossed by streams and nullahs. Most of these water courses are seasonal. Many of the hills are flat-topped and allow fine vistas of the forests around. The best known of these is ‘Kalapahar’ with an altitude of 650 mts. The Pench river flowing through the centre of the Reserve is dry by the April-end but a number of water pools locally known as dohs are found, which serve as waterholes for wild animals. A few perennial springs also exist. However, the water sources were not suitably distributed, hence large area remained unutilized by the wild animals. Recently a number of earthen ponds and shallow wells have been developed leading to well distributed sources of water all around the reserve.

Conservation History

In the year 1977 an area of 449.39 sq. km. was declared Pench Sanctuary. Out of this area an area of 292.85 sq. km. was declared Pench National Park in the year 1983 and 1183.31 sq. km. remained as Pench Sanctuary.

In 1992 Govt. of India declared 757.89 sq. km. including the national park and sanctuary as the 19th Tiger Reserve of the country.

The name of Pench National Park has been changed to “Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park” in November 2002 Similarly the name of Pench Sanctuary has been changed to “Mowgli Pench Sanctuary”.

About Village Machaan Resorts :

Village Machaan Resorts is located at Pench Tiger Reserve (Madhya Pradesh, India) is located just 90 kms from Nagpur (One and a half hours)

Resort is spread over a large area with facilities such as Restaurant, Outdoor Games and Indoor Games. Accommodation comprise cottages which have large rooms and have unique large bathrooms.

Pench Tiger Reserve is India's 19th Project Tiger Park and is considered one of the countries finest new tiger reserves spread over 700 square kilometres and consisting of primarily teak forest. The population of game is also very high - it is considered to be the park with the highest density of prey ( Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, Sambar, Blue Bull and the Indian Bison). It is also home to a very healthy population of Tigers, Leopards, Wild Dogs, Jackal amongst other smaller predators. The bird list has over 280 species.

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