Wildlife Tour in Pench National Park

On June 2nd, 2013

Pench National Park derives its name from Pench River which flows through this wildlife sanctuary. This river, along with several other water bodies, offers a perfect setting for wildlife in Pench National Park to flourish. As a result, one can find several varieties of wild animals and birds moving around freely in this region. Herbivores gather around Pench River for grazing and water, and this catches the attention of tigers who hunt for their prey along the riverside. Leopards, jungle cats and other carnivores can also be seen occasionally in this region. A big group of wild dogs can be spotted in several areas of this national park, searching for their food. The sight of Langurs is very common in this part of the world. This region also has numerous species of resident and migratory birds, and bird-lovers can have an excellent time watching them in green surroundings. Those who want a pleasant climate during their visit to this national park can choose the period between November and February. Ones who want to have the best opportunity to sight tigers and a few other animals can visit this region between April and June.

There are several resorts and hotels in Pench that have excellent amenities for tourists visiting this region. Visitors can reach theseresorts in Pench without any hassles as they are easily accessible through rail, road and air. Most of them are designed to suit guests having varying preferences in terms of facilities. As this region has been developed for the purpose of wildlife conservation, eco-tourism has been given greater importance. Many of the resorts located in this region have rooms that are furnished with eco-friendly materials. Plenty of space is made available inside these rooms that give a sense of peace and relaxation for guests. Low-budget accommodations are always preferred by most of the tourists. Pench has many resorts that offer lodging facilities at cheaper rates which gives a chance for guests to have sizeable amount of savings. Online booking facilities offered by many hotels and resorts in the region enables visitors to reserve rooms well in advance. Guests of these rooms can enjoy breathtaking views of the surroundings that consist of green landscapes. Children can also have a nice time savouring various attractions in this region and having a comfortable stay in these resorts along with their parents. Some of them also provide a play area for children to add plenty of fun during their stay.

Visitors to the tiger reserve must choose an accommodation that provides true value for money. This type of Pench accommodation would provide all the basic facilities that tourists want. Most of them have multi-cuisine restaurants that serve local dishes along with other delicacies. But what many of the tourists visiting this region demand is a wildlife safari that would give them a chance to explore the national park's amazing wildlife. They can choose either gypsy rides or elephant safaris to make this tour exciting and adventurous. Starting off from a comfortable location, these jungle tours move on to several regions that offer fabulous views of wild animals inhabiting this wildlife sanctuary. The excitement doubles when tourists spot some rare species of animals that can only be seen occasionally. These wildlife safaris can also be customized according to the tastes and preferences of different travellers. Convenient timings are offered for individuals who wish to enjoy these tours. Most of these jungle safaris begin early in the morning and are divided into many slots, which offer various choices for tourists.

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